Expect the unexpected
Exhibition: 01.06.2020

The project is an invitation to contemporary artists to produce new (relatively small sized) artworks that are distributed in a limited edition. It permits them to create prints, photographs, posters, lithographies, records, objects, sculptures, clothes and even instruction pieces – using a wide range of media.

LOODD is responsible for the producing and distributing of the resulting pieces under a public of interested private or institutional collectors.

The project will be curated by the Belgian-born artist/curator Erich Weiss, who is based in Barcelona. He defines his mission as follows: This series is like a ‹curated collection›, a subjective choice of high quality personal proposals; a virtual exhibition consisting of a dialogue of different formats and forms and very different individual statements.

LOODD is the brainchild of the Belgian collector Philip Nichelson, a founder who leads a fascinating nomadic lifestyle.

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