Playthings & Forbidden Toys

Loodd, Kunsthalle Bern, 2019

Nils Nova’s limited edition for LOODD ‹Playthings & Forbidden Toys› refers to Girogio De Chirico’s metaphysical works and diptych: ‹Playthings of the Prince› (Museum of Modern Art New York) and ‹The Forbidden Toys› (Kunsthalle Praha). Overlaying the imagery of this two works to a new work of art, painted with a rainbow to lead to a new metaphysical meaning.

The edition contains of a painting and a photography. The photography is a self-portrait of the artist posing as Paul Guillaume, the dealer of De Chirico’s works.

Giorgio de Chirico sent ‹The Forbidden Toys› to his first art dealer, Paul Guillaume, who placed the work on the mantelpiece of his Paris› appartment on the Avenue de Villers.

Playthings & Forbidden Toys – Edition of 10 (2 AP), Left: Acrylic on canvas, 55 x 25 cm, Right: Digital print, 18 x 13 cm 2018
From left to right: Anna Dot (La Foudre), Stefan Br├╝ggemann (Beat #2), Biel Capllonch (Rosa Virginalis 2019), Rainier Lericolais (Frozen Voices), Jonathan Monk (The De Chirico Bakery Cheese Pie), Nils Nova (Playthings & Forbidden Toys)